Katya Tylevich is an arts and fiction writer. She is author of many book and monograph contributions, essays and interviews, Art Oracles, Success Oracles, and co-author of My Life as a Work of Art. Notable artist collaborations include projects with Michaël Borremans, Espen Dietrichson, Barry McGee and Todd Hido. Her years as contributing editor and writer for publications such as Elephant, Mark, Frame, Domus, and Pin-Up took her from artist studios across Santiago, Chile to the Japanese countryside where she spent a night in a coffin for research. With her brother Alexei she co-founded Friend & Colleague, a platform for editions, fiction and special projects. Her book Gus Van Sant: The Art of Making Movies is forthcoming October 2021 by Laurence King Publishers. She is currently working on two large projects with Marina Abramović, and a fiction book titled Fear Eats The Soup.
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Michael worthington. Edgar Arceneaux. Machine Histories. Folkert + ReneGUIDE ︎︎︎Earthquakes in Berlin: Cyan. Thomas Demand. Kim Hiorthøy. Hort. Frank Hülsbömer. Pascal Johanssen. Hoc Littmann. Fons Schiedon. Miron ZownirGUIDE ︎︎︎New York: Marina Abramović. Grisha Bruskin. Tomer Hanuka. Mario Hugo. Dan-ah Kim. Seymour Chwast. Robert Longo. Dan Witz. Gregory CrewdsonGUIDE ︎︎︎San Francisco: Chip Lord. Richard Misrach. Barry McGee. Kim Cogan. Mike Davis. Todd Hido. Dan Clowes. Mark PaulineGUIDE ︎︎︎Munich: Ingo Maurer. Benjamin Röder. Carlos de los Rios. Mirko Borsche. Maximilian Geuter. Tom Schmelzer. Sonja Herpich. 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